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The self-help field is broad and varied. Watching self-help videos can be really helpful for your overall well-being, but telling someone to watch self help videos is a bit vague. What types of self-help videos should you be looking for? That depends, in part, on the areas of your life with which you need the most help! However, most people can benefit from watching videos on these self-help topics.

1. Communication

Do you ever find yourself struggling to explain your thoughts, feelings, or objectives to another person? Do you feel like you're not heard, or like people do not take your words seriously? Communication is ubiquitous to life; you need to communicate at work and in your personal life. Yet, so many people struggle to communicate well. Watching a few self-help videos on communication can help you learn to better express yourself, and it can also help you learn to "read the room" and better connect with people individually. Look for self-help videos on communication styles, non-verbal communication, and clear speaking, specifically.

2. Confidence

You've probably realized by now that confidence plays a huge role in determining whether or not you'll succeed at something. If you are confident that you can do something, then you very often can do that something! The challenge, however, is building that confidence. Watching some self-help videos that teach you how to build and maintain your confidence will be incredibly transformative and will help you succeed in various avenues of life.

3. Happiness

Are you happy? Do you find it hard to answer that question? Even people who claim to be generally happy will admit they could probably be happier. There are self-help videos that focus on happiness and how to achieve it. They will help you determine what changes you need to make in your own life in order to be happier, and they'll also teach you how to measure happiness so you can more confidently determine whether or not you really are happy at any time.

4. Motivation

Gathering the motivation to start something or to pursue a dream can take longer than actually pursuing the dream! If you're still sitting around trying to summon motivation out of clear air, then you really need to watch some self-help videos on motivation. They'll teach you real strategies you can adopt to gather that motivation faster, and then move forward towards your goals.

These four types of self-help videos can be really helpful for almost anyone in any stage of life. Start watching a few today, and see how your life changes.

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