Helpful Protocol For Military Personnel To Follow When Seeking Tuition Assistance

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If you're in the military and are looking to pursue a degree, there are a lot of great educational assistance programs available. If you're considering them as a way to make tuition more affordable, then you'll want to follow this protocol for tuition assistance for military personnel.

Figure Out What Obligated Service Must Be Met

In order to receive tuition assistance as someone in the military, there are obligated services you must fulfill. These vary from branch to branch, which is why you need to investigate before seeking financial assistance.

There are plenty of resources you can use today that outline required duties that must be met before seeking tuition assistance. You generally have to spend a certain amount of time with a particular branch. Do your best to honor your obligations, as it will pay off later in your career. 

Fill Out Application Carefully

One of the most important aspects of receiving financial assistance as someone who's served or is currently serving in the military is filling out the application. You want to take your time with this process. After all, one error or missing information could delay your benefits and then you may have to start over from scratch. 

The best thing you can do is spend a couple of weeks getting this application ready. Make sure you're honest with all personal information and don't leave anything blank. Double-check the documents once you're finished too so that you can make sure you did everything correctly. 

See What Fees Are Covered

Before you get your hopes up with the possibility of having your entire education covered once you're done with the military, you need to first see what tuition assistance will cover. Again, this will vary from one military branch to another. 

Fortunately, there are outlines online that break down what fees are covered. Look at your particular branch, whether it's the Air Force, Army, or Marines and then see what fees are covered. It may be lab, enrollment, computer, and tuition fees. Knowing this information gives you realistic expectations on tuition assistance, and then you can proceed accordingly if you deem them helpful. 

Being in the military comes with a few perks, such as receiving tuition assistance. If you plan on seeking it as a way to get a better education, then make sure you know what the process involves. Try following the correct procedures so that you avoid a lot of complications and delays. 

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